Symoil Engineering

Step 1
Design Process

Latest versions of engineering software in our head office.
Three 3D printers are used for better visualizing capabilities during idea generation.

Step 2

Manufacturing takes place in our partner manufacturing facility.
Here we are able to quickly manufacture any equipment required for our projects.

Step 3
Certification and Validation

Our multiple in-house testing capabilities to test the designed equipment to its limits and certify in-house according GOST/ISO & API

Step 4

By having a fully operational service bases, products can be quickly developed and made ready for commercialization in most places in the world through the services we provide.

Partnering Manufacturing Site

Machining Facility

Situated in Calgary, having access to knowledge and raw materials for quick delivery. Modern Facility with an ever increasing amount of lathes and mills. Combined with in-house surface treatment facility.

"Symoil has a robust QA/QC process for providing completion equipment to ensure we meet our aim 0% NPT in operations, starting from design, and manufacturing through to the workshop and rig site. This QA/QC process includes full traceability reports on all critical component"

Symoil Research & Development

R&D Testing and Assembly facility

Situated within our largest services facility, this area is mainly used for testing and validating the Multi-Stage Stimulation equipment with High Pressure, High Temperature and High-Flowrate.

All testing is recorded and can be witnessed online through our inhouse cloudbased system.

High pressure testing area

  • Full spec out to perform ISO14310 / API 11D1 V3 Packers and Liner hanger liquid validation testing up pressure to 1000 Bar /15.000 Psi and 200C / 400F
  • Openhole Packer testing according API 19OH
  • Long travel rams for controlled shifting and manipulation of sleeves
  • Pressure testing and functionality testing for Downhole tools
  • Cloud-based High Resolution DAQ system

    Laboratory facilities

  • 250degC Oven (for Magnesium Alloy dissolving testing)
  • Mixing and weighing equipment

    High-Flow-rate Area

  • 20 meter long indoor Liner-Simulation-flow-loop-system with build-in flud reservoir
  • Capable of pumping 1000 liter/min for simuating darts landing, and our other proprietary multi-stage stimulation technologies.
  • R&D Testing and Assembly facility

    Situated within our main manufacturing facility, this area is used for the majority of testing and R&D regarding our packers technology. 200 m2 of assembly and high pressure testing area, ideal for validation testing of Packers, Sleeves and Liner Hangers.

  • Controlled Sleeve Shifting and pressure testing
  • API 11D1 – V3 Validation testing equipment up to 15K and 400F
  • symoil