Surgut Facility


Job preparation and service facility in Surgut was founded in 2019. A high-qualified engineering team sets up and tests equipment for field operations to deliver excellent services to the customers. Base workshop meets all QHSE standards to provide safety operations with high Pressure and high Temperature and broadcast tests online


- 50 m2 High pressure testing area
- 124MPa Liquid and gas booster pumps
- 1080HD Camera Controlled
- Online High Resolution DAQ System
- 200 m2 Thru Tubing tool redress and certification area
- 3.2 Tons Overhead Crane
- 18-meter-long liner-simulation-flow-loop-system

Services Offered

- Liner Hanger Solution
- MSF Systems
- Completion Accessories
- Production Packers
- Upper Completions Accessories
- TT Services
- Research Development


628309 Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, Surgut Bazovaya str., 7/3