Tru Tubing Services

Under Tru Tubing services we don’t just mean Coiled tubing tools. Like most of our productions, we are in the business of providing the tools to ensure the most can be taken out of the wells. With our raptor series we provide a range of options to perform Straddle operations. We strive for innovation. From the market known solutions like the Cup x Packer tools, we have taken it a step further and developed our patented Raptor Snapper. This tool has all the benefits of a simple operation like the Cup x Packer but completely eliminates the risk of damaging the cups. We don’t just stop there, our tools are ready for any straddle operations like openhole through the Hydro-Raptor or if high-expansion is required, take the Inflate Raptor System. Furthermore, our TT Inflatable bridge plugs offer great alternatives against well killing requirements. The in-house developed valve section is ensuring extremely clear and simplified operation. With our Plug and Perf solution we have the Non-explosive setting tools and the full range of fracturing plugs. Just contact us for any other requirements on TT tools