Elec Set (Phoenix)


Phoenix Electronic Setting Tool is a unique electro-mechanical downhole setting tool, capable of delivering up to high loads of linear force which can be used to set, or un-set, plugs and packers in a wide range of tubing and casing sizes. Setting tool is suitable for use on any conveyance method including slickline, digital slickline, electric line, coiled tubing or below perforation guns.

It is used to set packers and plugs that are normally set with a Model “E-4” Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly (or similar wireline setting equipment).
The same adapter kit that is used on wireline can be used with the HST.


  • Single-use Power and Communications Module (PCM)
  • Powered by alkaline battery cells
  • Contains 3-axis motion sensor for control on slickline
  • Contains bi-directional comms for control on E-Line or digital slickline
  • Records current, voltage and diagnostics to memory or transmits to surface for real time feedback and control
  • Automated reset functionality
  • Easy to redress with no internal hydraulics
  • Jar through capability in the event of tool failure (no hydraulic damping)
  • Non-explosive, no dangerous goods, can be freely transported without restriction
  • Fully modular tool, can be configured to adjust stroke length, setting force and setting speed

  • Size [#] Tool OD – in – [mm] Max Pull lbs – [kg]
    OWEN 2.125″ MSST 2.215 – [56.261] 40000 – [18144]
    #10 2.75 – [69.85] 60000 – [27216]
    #20 3.6 – [91.44] 90000 – [40823]

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